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Who We Are

In 2014, a group of graduates of the University of Manchester led by Robert Rose was engaged in the study of the phenomenon of Bitcoin and development of new alternative cryptocurrency types. Our team includes the best specialists in economics, finance, trading as well as highly specialized technical experts. Some of them already have the necessary experience and previously were involved in the development of algorithms of cryptocurrency mining. Not having the necessary technical base, we started working with investors from the United Kingdom. For two years we have launched four data centers and repeatedly upgraded technical equipment, giving up graphics cards in favor of modern ASIC miners such as KnC Neptune, Bitmine.ch Avalon Clone 85GH and TerraHash DX Large. Currently our main facilities are located in London, Leeds, Thorlby and Gargrave. In 2015, we decided to develop a business plan to expand the business outside the UK. We plan to build a few mining centers in Germany and Finland in 2018. In order to ensure investors timely profit and return of investment, Robert Rose has registered the company in London in June 2016. Since then, Funda Mints officially accepts investments from all comers, regardless of their country of residence. Today the company offers an advantageous placement of funds under trust management service with the ability to make a profit every hour and get back principal deposit at any time. You can join our numerous investors on the website.


Our vision is to increase the freedom of money globally. We believe that by spreading this freedom, we can significantly improve lives around the world.


Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion.


Our goal is to keep traders safe especially when trading in such volatile conditions. The Brexit event was the perfect scenario for us to show that we honour our promises to our traders

Frequently asked questions

No, registration is not required. But if you sign up on our service, you can participate in the cumulative discount program and referral program.

Yes. We have a very clear and transparent affiliate program, according to which you can receive 25% of our earnings for exchanging the users you cited. Remuneration payments are from 1 PMUSD. In your office you can track the operations of your referrals online. You can get acquainted with more detailed information after registration in your Personal Account.

To make changes to your account information, first go to your account Settings Sign in to your account. Select “Settings”. From “Settings”, select “Profile information”. To change your password Select “edit password”. Enter your current password. Enter your new password twice. Select “change password” to complete and save your changes. To change your address Select “edit address”. Enter your new address. Select “change address” to complete and save your changes. To change your phone number Select “edit phone number”. Enter your new phone number. Select “change phone number” to complete and save your changes. To change your email address Select “edit email address”. Enter your new emai- address Select “change email” to complete and save your changes.

This is an investment project, which is owned and operated by Funda Mints.

The company is professionally involved in the process of cryptocurrency mining and forming its own network of equipment for cloud mining.

Funda Mints has passed incorporation procedure in June 2015 in USA and operates within the law.

Our business concept does not provide for any financial losses.

The company is registered in the USA and has its own data centers in Syracuse NYC. Our headquarters is located at1387 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC, USA.

Anyone regardless of age, gender and country of residence may become an investor. To do this you need to register account and make a deposit in the amount of at least 0.02 Bitcoin.

You can register as many accounts as you need.

Oh sure. You or your family members may have multiple accounts using the same computer and IP address.

A Bitcoin address is an identifier of 26-35 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3 that represents a possible destination for a Bitcoin payment. There is address formats in common use: 34Trac7fn9snS98FaOiscN46biBtkt56w.

Yes, you can do this anytime in your account settings.

Any of you can become a representative. To do this you need to have a deposit of a certain amount and fill in the online application in your account. It will require minimum of your personal and contact details, which will be added to the website. Consideration of applications for representative's status takes up to 5 working days. Once your information has been added to this section, your affiliate commission will be increased to 6%.

Yes, when an account is due, an upgrade fee will be made to upgrade the account for better trading.

Affiliate commission of representatives is 5%.

Representatives are our closest partners, who thoroughly know our company and are willing to share their own experience of investing. You can contact your nearest representative for further information and advice on the choice of investment strategy.

You can use one-tier affiliate program and earn 3% commission for every deposit made by your referral.

Sometimes the letter with confirmation code is received in the «Spam» folder, check it out.

Funda Mints offers one investment plan with accruals of profit from 0.1250% to 0.2083% every 60 minutes, 24 times a day. Deposit is working on an ongoing basis with the ability to return at any time after 24 hours.

The company receives as investment and pays income in only Bitcoin.

The minimum deposit is 0.02 Bitcoin.

You can invest any amount not less than the minimum - 0.02 Bitcoin.

We have prepared a detailed description of all the stages of your work with the project. You can find it in the «How it works» section.

A feature of Bitcoin network is system of confirmations. Normally, your payment must have at least 3 network confirmations before it will be added as deposit. It may take from one to two hours. In rare cases, you may be faced with the expectation of up to 24 hours. We have no influence on the speed of this process, and can only recommend to wait a little after sending. In any case, your deposit will be added sooner or later.

No, return of deposit doesn't require any fee!

Profit is accrued every hour, 24 times a day. The first income will be added to your balance after 60 minutes since the addition of the deposit.

You can be company investor indefinite term: your deposit will work and bring hourly earnings as long as you do not decide to stop your cooperation and get back invested amount.

You can withdraw profit as soon as your balance has 0.02 Bitcoin and more.

As soon as amount of your balance will be equal to or greater than 0.02 Bitcoin, you can make a request to withdraw profit. To do this, use "Withdraw funds" section. Enter withdrawal amount and confirm your request.

You can withdraw any amount which exceeds 0.02 Bitcoin.

All payouts are made automatically and are instantly.

Yes, you can invest from account balance.

You can get your deposit back at any time after 24 hours since the time it was added.

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